What’s Right For America

While scrubbing through the site you should come across the image directory. When you browse to this directory you will see a folder embedded call /admin. If you were to click on that folder you get an authentication window. By cancelling you will see what they webserver they are running. You will notice at the bottom it is running Apache. Apache uses .htpasswd files to store user names and passwords.

Now that you know .htpasswd files store the username and password you will need to get into the site, how do you get this file.

Well, you have to play with the site. After doing some work you will come across this page:

This page calls the file=bush.txt file to come up. So use this to get the .htpasswd file.

This translates into a picture that cannot be displayed because in reality it is a file not a picture. If you were to click on that picture you will notice in the URL administrator:aH0qcQOVz7e0s

You now know that the username is administrator and the password is aH0qcQOVz7e0s. The challenge now how to crack the encrypted password.

John the Ripper is a good program for this. You can download it and run the john.exe file. What you need to do is take the password you now have and copy that to a text file but add p: to the beginning of it.


After it is completed run

There you go the username and password: