Javascript 6 – go go away .js

now you see it..umm…wait…

I wouldn’t classify this script as weird but dumb. Let’s take a look:

There seems to bit a lot going on here and you might not be sure where to start. So let’s look at the button that calls the first method so we can hopefully understand this better.

If you notice the button calls the method checkpass(). But if you look at the code above you don’t see that method. So what is going on…Take a look at the first line again.

That right…This page is using an external javascript page. So let’s take a look. In the URL enter

What do you know more code:

And if you look closer you will see the method checkpass. Now your password needs to equal the variable rawr a space and variable moo. Since rawr = moo and moo = pwns the password is moo pwns