PROBLEM: Network Security Sam has encrypted his password. The encryption system is publically available and can be accessed with this form:

SOLUTION: When I first looked at this page I was confused a bit about why there was an encrypt button. Reason for the confusion is with enough trial and you can probably figure out the encryption schema. Then I thought, these are basic missions so I guess HTS was throwing us a bone.

So what did I do. Well I entered in a couple of strings and encrypted them.

Then i figured it out. The encryption is taking the first characther and adding zero to it, the second number and adding one, the third and adding two, and so on. If you are wondering how it is adding one to a characther they are using an ascii representation of the letter. Here is an ascii chart:

So now that we know what there encryption key is we reverse engineer the encrypted password by subtracting zero from the first characther, one from the second characther, two from the third characther and so on.